Youthstar : AudioPorn Records

Influenced by pop, rock, rap, hip-hop and jungle growing up, Youthstar first began lyricizing to UK Garage at underage dance parties in London, after being passed the mic by an MC with the ICE FM crew, who had been impressed by the young MC's rhymes. It was at these under age raves that he realised he'd found his calling as an MC as he revelled in the exhilaration of making his presence on stage known to receptive crowds. Youthstar immersed himself in his craft from then on, writing and developing the unique style and sound for which he is known today.

Youthstar was born in Hammersmith in London, but in 2001 at the age of 16, he relocated to Bordeaux in France with relatives and began to learn French immediately. Youthstar quickly impressed two of the local drum and bass DJs at Bordeaux's 'Le 4 Sans' nightclub so much so that he became a monthly resident, all before he was allowed to buy a drink at the bar!

By the time Youthstar turned 18, he was already a rising star of the drum and bass scene in France, not only for his skills on the mic but his unique ability to MC in English and French. He started collaborating with Elisa Do Brasil, one of France's most popular DJ's and together they embarked on a tour playing at all of the major French festivals and parties, whilst Youthstar continued his work as a vocalist with the live instrument band, 'United Fools', who he released an album with at the end of 2008.

In 2008, Youthstar gained worldwide popularity as the official MC for the French electro/drum and bass group, Dirtyphonics, famous for their innovative live performances and award winning releases on AudioPorn Records such as 'French Fuck', 'Quarks', 'Vandals' and 'Teleportation'. After taking the gong for the Best Newcomer Producers of 2009 at the Drum and Bass Arena Awards, Youthstar along with the rest of the group, embarked on a series of worldwide tours and played sold out shows alongside other major artists on the festival circuit across the US, Australia and Europe, culminating in their notorious 'French Do It Better' tour, which was documented online through various webisodes, featuring exclusive footage of Youthstar and Dirtyphonics in live performances to thousands upon thousands of fans and getting up to various mischief in and around Los Angeles. 

After more than 2 years on the road with Dirtyphonics, Youthstar made the decision to leave the band in late 2010 to resume his work as a solo artist. Since his departure from the group he has held down several residencies at some of Europe's biggest monthly events including Jungle Juice in Paris and Mainframe in Vienna and week in-week out he is booked to hype the crowds. 

Youthstar has received multiple nominations for the coveted Best Newcomer MC Award at the DNBA Awards and continues to tour Europe with  Camo & Krooked acting as official MC for their live show and DJ sets, also featuring Ayah Marar, featuring at events like Let it Roll, Hospitality, Urban Art Forms festival, Volt Festival, Lovebox, Pirate Station, Pukkelpop festival, I Love Techno, and the list goes on...

In between gigs, Youthstar has been working alongside some of the biggest names in drum and bass and dubstep as the vocalist on several releases including 'Mass Creation' with  Xilent, 'All is Lost' with Black Sun Empire and 'Mosh Pit' with Tha New Team to name just a few. Youthstar is also featuring on upcoming releases from Illskillz, Fourward, Dilemn & Tha New Team  and Deluxe.

2013 will be an extraordinarily busy year for Youthstar as he continues work on his debut solo EP, set for release on AudioPorn Records and featuring an impressive rota of respected producers with whom he will collaborate. He will continue to be touring with Camo & Krooked, also hooking up with Loadstar performing on their DJ sets.

Look out for Youthstar at the biggest festivals and clubs as he delivers his high energy performances!