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In 2010, Tali took a rare break from touring and got back in the studio to record her sophomore album, ‘Dark Days, High Nights’. From the very start, her idea behind the project had always been to enlist her favourite producers from around the world to collaborate on an album that would push her songwriting and their production talents to the limit. This has led to mouthwatering cast list with artists such as Benny Page, Dirtyphonics, Shimon, SKisM, Ed Rush, Atlantic Connection, Lynx and Sparfunk all providing production for the album.

Available on 11th April 2011 exclusively from, this sampler showcases the first two tracks to be released from the new album which will be released in the second half of 2011. First up sees Ed Rush produce his first Dubstep track with 'Dark Days'. On the flip, French superstars Dirtyphonics also slow the tempo down to produce 'Lost In The Game'.

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